Prototype a digital product idea

Define the ideal feature set/01
Construct a UX framework/02
Showcase the product to others/03

There's a clear path from intention to real product. We guide clients, visualise ideas and make things happen.

Relevant Contexts

  • We have a general idea for a product but need help in structuring features.

  • We have sketches and want to produce an interactive prototype.

  • We want to showcase our idea to backers in a persuasive way.

  • We want to build an interactive prototype for initial user validation.

Prototype design for SaaS
Their grasping of concepts was amazing. They quickly understood our market and needs. I didn’t have to spoon-feed them anything.
Elliott AvisonCOO @Dancerace
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We prioritise features, map design options and test ideas. Then we showcase the product in compelling ways.

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